Dyer Baptist Association
Thursday, May 13, 2021
1st Century Vision, 21st Century Mission

DBA Youth



Sat May 22, 9am-8pm

Youth Group Intent to Commit Form

Church: Hillcrest Baptist Church_______________________________________

Youth Leader: Jeff Davis____________________________________________________

Church Phone # 731-285-6530_________________________________________________

Youth Leader phone #660-631-1968__________________________________________

email : jeff@hillcrestdyersburg.com_________________________________________

Please List Estimated Number of Students and Adults planning to attend: 

Students #:_____4___________          Adult Sponsors #___________2_________

Total # ____6________________

Each Youth Group will work on a mission project around the area (examples include but not limited to Yard Work, or other needs that your or other churches  may have)

In order to plan effectively, We need to know whether your youth group will need the ignite leadership to assign you a mission project or whether you have your own mission project that you can do at your own church on the morning of the 22nd. Please Respond accordingly below.

Yes we would like to be assigned a mission project for the morning __x______

, we will work on a mission project within our own church or community_____