Dyer Baptist Association
Monday, December 06, 2021
1st Century Vision, 21st Century Mission

Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions


The GOTM team at TBMB is asking ourselves this question: “Could 2021-22 be the year we break the $2 million mark, crush the goal of $2.1 million mark, and fund the greatest push to share Jesus with all of Tennessee?  We can’t wait for this historic GOTM comeback! Let’s all promote it.


The 2021-22 Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions and Season of Prayer for State Missions will kick off on September 1.  

2021-22 ThemeSame Jesus. Sharing Hope & Truth 
Statewide GOTM Goal: $2,100,000 
Suggested Date for the Week of Prayer:  September 12-19, 2021
Scripture: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


We are excited about the redesigned website www.GoldenOffering.org. Please take a moment to visit the site!  You’ll find lots of new features including an expanded prayer guide which includes videos and audio interviews. We have a trove of worship helps, and new promotional items. We are so thankful for the new theme song, “Jesus Christ, Unchanging” and video written by our own Scott Shepherd.  You’ll enjoy the new GOTM Kids Video.


The following information will help you become familiar with the new promotion materials as we prepare to share with churches and encourage them to participate in the Golden Offering.  


All TBMB churches have been mailed either an order form for promotional material or the materials they requested on their standing order. 


Materials available for churches to order: 

  • Poster    
  • Offering Envelopes 
  • Prayer Guide 
  • Faces of State Missions Brochure (This is a new tool for engaging new GOTM-giving churches and energizing our long-time givers. Please contact us for a number of these to bring to events or personal contacts)
  • Cooperative Giving Brochure
  • DVD or Flash Drive


Videos and resources available at www.GoldenOffering.org or on a DVD or flash drive:  

  • Videos 

1.      GOTM Overview (2:26) 

2.      GOTM Message from Randy Davis (2:43) 

3.      Thank You, Tennessee Baptists! (1:01) 

4.      What is the Golden Offering? (1:55)

5.      Same Jesus (1:20) 

6.      Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something: Riverview Baptist Church, Knoxville (4:13) 

7.      Standing for Life: Birth Choice Clinic of Gibson County (2:41)

8.      Finding Opportunity to Serve: Montgomery Village Baptist Center, Knoxville (4:00) 

9.      Jesus is Unchanging Music Video (4:38) 

10.  GOTM Kid’s Video (1:53)


  • Print Files 

1.      Planning & Promotion Guide

2.      GOTM Highlights & Talking Points

3.      Any Way You Slice It, Tennessee is a Mission Field flyer  

4.      What is GOTM? flyer 

5.      Worship Tools

·         Same Jesus Reading for Worship

·         Same Jesus Responsive Reading

·         Golden Skit 

·         Mrs. Golden Monologue

6.      One Annual Church Missions Offering  


  • Printable and Digital Promotion Graphics  
  1. Bulletin Ads  
  2. Printable Posters  
  3. Week of Prayer Graphic  
  4. Tennessee Missions Emphasis graphic  
  5. September State Missions Month graphic  
  6. Cover Photos for Facebook and Twitter
  7. Profile Photos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  8. GOTM logo  


A sample packet of the following promotional material was recently mailed to DOMs:

  • Order Form for 2021-22 Golden Offering Promotion Materials
  • GOTM offering envelope
  • Poster
  • Prayer Guide 
  • New Faces of State Missions brochure
  • Cooperative Giving brochure
  • A USB flash drive with a copy of 2021-22 promotion materials and videos. These files are also available to be viewed and downloaded at www.GoldenOffering.org. 


Thank you for sharing with churches about the Golden Offering and how it is making a difference in lives across Tennessee. Just think of all the ministry we could fund at $2.1 million.  It’s how we make a difference, so PLEASE let people know our goal and our mission at every event and opportunity. It’s the fuel for so many ministries and strategies.